EverClicker World Launch Event – Crowns for Clicking!

EverClicker is our newest mobile game to be launched worldwide. In EverClicker, you’ll awaken legendary heroes to smash through hordes of monsters across multiple worlds. These worlds are under attack by the nefarious Star Devourer, an unearthly monster that’s eating the stars right out of the sky! Players collect stars each time they chase down the Devourer to restore darkened worlds, before beginning the hunt anew with even more extraordinary heroes and new incredible powers! Help us celebrate our launch with Crowns for Clicking!

What is Crowns for Clicking?

From now through July 6, 2017, players can get Crowns for hitting two event goals in EverClicker.

  • Goal #1 – Collect 1 Star to earn 200 Crowns
  • Goal #2 – Collect 4 Stars to earn 800 Crowns

Once you hit a goal, you will receive a message in your EverClicker in-game mailbox with a code that you can redeem for Crowns in Wizard101 or Pirate101.

Follow the instructions in your EverClicker mailbox message to redeem your free Crowns code(s).

Where can I install and play EverClicker?


If I played in the limited Canada release, am I eligible to get the free Crowns?
Yes. You will need to progress past stage 40 and 100 in the next star level you play through.

How do I collect a Star in EverClicker?
Every time you save a planet by defeating the Star Devourer, you will receive a Star.

How many times can I claim the promotion?
Your KingsIsle account can claim the 200 Crowns code and 800 Crowns code once.