The Greatest Threat to the EverVerse...

The Star Devourer is running wild through the EverVerse with one thing on his mind... lunch! As the stars begin to vanish, so do the worlds they shine upon – worlds of beauty and wonder, whimsy and grandeur. Worlds that are home to the greatest heroes in the EverVerse. Heroes of courage and valor! Heroes of light and dark! Heroes who are determined to put those stars back where they belong, no matter what it takes!

One by one, heroes are answering the call. It’s up to you to roam the worlds of the EverVerse and build an army of warriors, wizards, superheroes, and the occasional beekeeper. Smash a path through swarms of monsters and track down the Star Devourer, no matter where he may hide! Stop the Star Devourer and return the stars to the sky!

Game Features

  • Click your way past tough enemies in diverse and beautiful worlds
  • Awaken brave Heroes of light and darkness
  • Power up your Heroes in the Feast Hall with magical spells
  • Collect new spells to unlock legendary forms and enchanted weapons
  • Summon ancient Spirits to tactically alter your gameplay
  • Compete with your friends to retrieve more Stars from the Devourer’s clutches