The EverVerse is just a click away!

EverClicker is a 3D adventure like no other! The further you travel, the more amazing heroes you can awaken! Empower your troop with special powers and cool effects, and celebrate victories in an upgradeable Feast Hall. With each click, you have the power to unlock magical spells, rare items and more from the mysterious world of the EverVerse.

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Chase Down the Star Devourer With Your Team of Heroes

The infinite cosmos of the EverVerse is strewn with stars. Lots of stars. Hundreds of millions of stars... Bajillions upon bajillions - there’s a LOT of stars, trust us. But now, each and every star is threatened! The unsuspecting stars are prey to an unnatural force, the horrific STAR DEVOURER, a gluttonous beast from beyond the curve of time and space who looks at the EverVerse and sees one thing - lunch!

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